Devon DAs Freewheeling Competition is hosted by North Devon CTC.
The picture above shows how the course works. From Powlers Piece near Parkham, there begins a long descent towards the main Bideford road. This starts gradually, then climbs slightly past a reservoir, and then - if you get past here - it's a fast twisty run down to the next landing by some cottages, where the descent fizzles out for a while. If you can roll up this slight gradient, then you get another gradual descent past the mill, where it's virtually flat for a few hundred yards. Again if you can roll this bit you're off again, all the way down to the telephone box! After this is a short sharp rise which will stop most people, but with a strong tail wind people have passed this point to continue right down to the main road, but not in the competition!
Arron Swayne and Kevin Mayne
Mike Allen ( South Hams CTC)

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