CTC Torbay - Exeter 5th Feb. 2017

A traditional route to Exeter for coffee with some continuing to Crediton.
DSCF7005 DSCF7009 DSCF7010 DSCF7011
DSCF7016 DSCF7017 DSCF7018 DSCF7019
DSCF7020 DSCF7021 DSCF7022 DSCF7024
DSCF7026 DSCF7028 DSCF7029 DSCF7032
DSCF7033 DSCF7036 DSCF7037 DSCF7040
DSCF7041 DSCF7042 DSCF7044 DSCF7045
DSCF7049 DSCF7050 DSCF7051 DSCF7052
DSCF7053 DSCF7056 DSCF7066 DSCF7071
DSCF7072 DSCF7073 DSCF7074 DSCF7077
DSCF7078 DSCF7079 DSCF7081 thumb